AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver

AtomStack A48 Ultra Unibody Frame Laser Engraver

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Estimated Shipping Date: Early June.
The first batch of shipment is only 20 units for EU and 15 units for US.
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AtomStack A48 Ultra, the epitome of safety and precision in professional laser engraving. With its comprehensive safety features, including a tank chain wire harness and a built-in emergency stop button, this machine ensures utmost security during operation. Boasting a formidable 48W laser power, it effortlessly tackles a variety of materials such as wood and acrylic with its 360x280mm working area (Combining it with the R5 Conveyor Feeder allows for expansion to 360*800mm). Equipped with a smart camera for enhanced precision and convenience, it also features one-touch autofocus for seamless operation. The machine's aluminum alloy construction guarantees durability and stability, while its offline engraving capability provides flexibility in workflow. Experience the pinnacle of safety and performance in laser engraving with the AtomStack A48 Ultra.


  1. Safety Assurance: The AtomStack A48 Ultra is the first laser engraving machine certified with IEC60825-1 CLASSⅠ safety protection, offering comprehensive eye and smoke protection during laser processing.

  2. Cover Detection: Equipped with 6 limit switches, including 4 for norma l operation and 2 cover detection switches, the A48 Ultra ensures safety by preventing any harm to the operator during work.

  3. Precision Camera Positioning: With its self-developed high-precision short-focus positioning camera, the A48 Ultra enables precise selection and positioning within a margin of error of 1.5mm across the entire working area, facilitating visualized operations.

  4. Effective Smoke Handling: The A48 Ultra's protective enclosure is closely integrated with the machine to contain harmful smoke efficiently, utilizing a 7500RPM fan for effective exhaust.

  5. Installation-Free Design: Constructed with an aluminum alloy integral frame, the A48 Ultra offers hassle-free setup out of the box, ensuring excellent structural stability.

  6. One-Touch Autofocus: Standard with one-touch autofocus capability, the A48 Ultra enables rapid and accurate focusing within 8 seconds through LightBurn and the app.

  7. Second-Generation Blue Laser Spot Compression Technology: Utilizing advanced laser spot compression technology, the A48 Ultra significantly enhances cutting capacity by compressing the laser spot, resulting in a 30% increase compared to similar machines.

  8. Professional Cutting Performance: Featuring the most stable 40W laser module with peak power up to 48W, the A48 Ultra can cut various materials with precision, including 20mm of poplar wood, 25mm of pine / paulownia wood, and 12mm MDF density board. It can cut through 18mm of poplar / pine / paulownia wood, 9mm of MDF density board, and 0.1mm stainless steel sheets in a single pass.

  9. Easy Mode Switching: The A48 Ultra allows for seamless switching between engraving and cutting modes with a physical button, adapting output power between 24W and 48W to meet different application requirements.

  10. Stable High-Speed Structure: With an integrally formed bottom frame and dual-axis core guide rail structure, the A48 Ultra ensures minimal work vibrations even at speeds of up to 36000mm/min.

  11. Tank Chain Wire Management: Employing tank chain wire management for aesthetics and stability, the A48 Ultra ensures smooth wire operation, enhancing wire longevity.

  12. Upgraded AtomStack 32-bit Mainboard: Featuring the intelligent self-developed ESP32 mainboard for faster data processing and various functions such as autofocus and power outage recovery.

  13. Unclogged Laser Design: The new A48 laser module features a tool-free focusing module and built-in air-assist system for simplified operation and prolonged laser lifespan.

  14. AtomStack Mobile App: Experience a new level of control with the AtomStack mobile app, available on major app stores, offering versatile functionality and convenience.

  15. Enhanced Eye Protection: With a new filter glass design, the A48 Ultra provides excellent eye protection by filtering 97% of UV light, eliminating the need for protective eyewear during laser engraving.

  16. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of engraving software and operating systems, supporting file formats such as NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF.

  17. Upgraded Spot Compression Coupling Technology: Achieve precise cutting and engraving with a focused laser beam area as small as 0.1*0.1mm, enhancing cutting efficiency and quality.

  18. High Laser Sintering Temperature: The A48 Ultra reaches temperatures up to 3000°C, ensuring efficient material processing.

  19. Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with an emergency stop button, limit switches, and gyroscope, the A48 Ultra ensures safe operation at all times.

  20. Diverse Accessories: Explore a wide range of accessories available for the AtomStack A48 Ultra, including F4 Honeycomb Boards, F60 Air Assist Kit, R1 V2 / R2 V2 Rotary Roller, R5 Conveyor Feeder, and D2 Air Purifier, catering to various needs and preferences.


Product Model AtomStack A48 Ultra
Engraving Size 360*280mm (Expansion to 360*800mm with R5 Conveyor Feeder)
Materials for Engraving Wood, Bamboo, Cardboard, Plastic, Leather, PCB, Aluminum Oxide, Non-reflective Plating and Paint-coated Metals, 304 Mirror Stainless Steel, Opaque Glass, Ceramic, Cotton, Slate
Materials for Cutting Cardboard, Non-woven Fabric, Wood, Plywood, Acrylic (Transparent requires black coating), Certain Thin Plastic Sheets, Sponge, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Sheets
Total Power 210W
Laser Power 180W (in Cutting Mode)
Laser Output Power 40-48W
Laser Wavelength 455±5nm
Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm
Focusing Method Fixed Focus Laser, No need for manual focusing
Laser Protective Cover Equipped with a protective cover on the laser to safeguard the user's eyes, eliminating the need for additional protective goggles. It also prevents pets from chasing the laser dot.
Operating Software LaserGRBL, compatible with Windows systems
LightBurn, compatible with Windows / MacOS / Linux systems
AtomStack Studio, compatible with Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android systems
Supported File Formats NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF
Data Transfer USB connection
Power Supply International standard power input: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ
Output: 24V 5A
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA, PSE


  • When operating the laser engraving machine, please install the laser protective cover. If not installed, protective goggles are required.
  • Do not touch the laser with your hands, as it may cause burns.
  • Avoid subjecting the machine to strong impacts.
  • Children under 14 are prohibited from using this product. Children above 14 require adult supervision.
  • Do not directly apply the laser to any mirror-like reflective objects, as this may cause harm or burns to the operator.

Package Contents

1 × Machine Frame 1 × Protective Enclosure Kit 1 × Laser Module
1 × Tank Chain 1 × Installation Screws 1 × Tool Kit
1 × Fixed Focus Lens 3 × Acrylic Sheets 3 × Wood Sheets
10 × Cable Ties 1 × Desiccant 1 × Brush
1 × Lint-free Cloth 1 × Power Adapter 1 × User Manual
1 × Data Cable 1 × L2 Smart Z-Axis Module 1 × F60 Air Assist Set