Who We Are

Shenzhen AtomStack Technologies Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of creating intelligent products, with a specific focus on DIY Laser Engravers and Infrared Lasers. Our dedication lies in enhancing product capabilities, particularly in ensuring precision and efficiency. At AtomStack, our mission is to empower DIY enthusiasts and creators with tools that ensure both efficiency and unparalleled quality in their endeavors.

While lasers were prevalent in the military, medical, and industrial sectors back then, consumer-grade products in this niche were scarce. Parallelly, the digital tech era was booming, ushering in a wave of digital creative concepts. Bridging digital technology with tangible creation, and catering to the challenges faced by the creative community, became our driving force. This passion led to the birth of the AtomStack brand, where we poured extensive resources into R&D, developing state-of-the-art engraving machines, infrared lasers, and 3D printers.

Since our inception in 2020, our commitment has remained unshaken. With a customer-first approach, we continuously refine both our hardware and software. Our relentless pursuit of enhancing the efficiency and precision of engraving machines aims to elevate businesses, personalize home life, and bring the visions of DIY enthusiasts and artists to life.

Our Journey With You

First SLA 3D printer

In 2014, the founding team of Atomstack established Dazzle, the first SLA 3D printer brand in China, and developed Xiaofang, the first semiconductor laser SLA 3D printer in China. The launch of those products has laid the foundation for in-depth research and development of semiconductor lasers in the future.

China Headquarter

17th Floor, Building 3A, Phase II, Intelligent Park, No. 76, Baohe Avenue, Baolong
Street, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen, 518172, China

Hong Kong Office