AtomStack Maker R1 Laser Engraver Rotary Roller

AtomStack Maker R1 Laser Engraver Rotary Roller

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1. Expansion of use scenarios: Inspired by industrial engraving machines the AtomStack Maker R1 claw disc roller can break through the limitation of the plane and easily perform laser engraving on the surface of various special-shaped objects; 
2. Multi-function: Use the AtomStack Maker roller to realize cylindrical engraving cans round wood sticks etc. (1-130mm); special-shaped objects: mugs with handles tumblers special-shaped cylinders etc.; spheres: baseballs glass balls table tennis balls and other pure round spheres (4-200mm); Ring items: rings bracelets etc. (4-130mm); 
3. No need to install: As an industrial clamping tool customized for laser engraving machines R1 can be used out of the box without installation and can be used quickly by connecting to a computer; 
4. Safe and stable: The R1 claw disc roller is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy material as a whole and the claws are made of high-hardness brass which is firm and reliable and will not slip wire for long-term use;
5. Accurate and high speed: With the support of high-torque motor the maximum engraving speed can reach 6000mm/min and the engraving accuracy can reach 0.1mm;
6. High adaptability: AtomStack Maker R1 claw disc roller can be adapted to all AtomStack and Ortur NEJE xtool and other frameworks;

Brand: AtomStack Maker
Machine size: 300*101*122mm
Clamping size range: Cylinder: 1-130mm Sphere: 4-200mm Ring: 4-130mm
Engraving maximum speed: 6000mm/Min(1000mm/s)
Engraving precision: 0.1mm
Engraving weight: 6000mm/min (1000mm/s) can hold items within 1.5KG 1800mm/min (300mm/s) can hold items within 10KG with the suction cup bracket
Rotation angle: 0-90° 

Packing List:   
1*R1 Claw disc roller