Way 1: Sign up & Subscribe to newsletter

When you sign up for an account, you will automatically login and subscribe to the newsletter. You will receive 400 points as a reward.

Step 1

Click the "Join now" botton. Then you will jump to the registration page.

Step 2

Register via email or third-party account.

Step 3

You will see that your account has successfully received 400 points.

Way 2: Share website on Facebook / Twitter

Click the "Rewards" button in the lower right corner of the website (lower left corner for mobile). You will see a pop up window. Then share some content about AtomStack to Facebook or Twitter. You will receive 200 points after posting content. (Total 400 points)

Step 1

Click on the “Ways to earn” button

Step 2

You can see “Share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter, click the corresponding share botton.

Step 3

Share something about AtomStack and post to Facebook or Twitter.

Way 3: Place an order

Place any order on AtomStack and earn points. You can get 1 point for every $1 spent.
* Points earned for all orders are converted into U.S. dollars based on the exchange rate of the day.

Way 4: Write a review

Click the "Write a review" button on the product page to submit a review.

Customers earn 100 points who write a text review, earn 200 points who write a product review with photos (Each user gets a maximum of two per month).

If you have purchased the product you submitted for review. And you uploaded photos or videos about the product, and the number of comments exceeds 200 words. We will mark them as high-quality reviews and you will receive an additional 1,000 points (Can only be obtained once per user).

We will audit your review at 0:00 AM (UTC/GMT -5:00) every day. If the content of your reviews meets the above requirements, the reward will be distributed within two hours.

* Users who are tagged with high-quality reviews will also receive an exclusive discount code for our all-new A6 series. We will issue it via email (Can only be obtained once per user).

Step 1

Click the "Write a review" button on the product page

Step 2

Choose how you like our products

Step 3

Upload photos about this product. If you don't want, you can click "Skip" botton

Step 4

Fill in your review content and click “Next” botton

Step 5

Fill in your name and email and click the "Done" button to complete your reviews

Way 5: Post on social media

Post on social media to share our products or website, include some photos / videos, our official website link ( atomstack.com ) or product link, and tag our official account ( @Atomstack.official ). Then submit your post information to us for audit.

We will audit your post at 0:00 AM (UTC/GMT -5:00) every day. We judge based on multiple dimensions. If the audit passes, You will receive a reward.

* Each user will be rewarded with 1,000 points for the first time, and from the second time onwards, they will be rewarded with 100 points each time.

Step 1

Click the "SUBMIT A POST" button above to enter the upload page.

Step 2

Follow the prompts on the page to upload the information. Then click the "Submit" bottn to submit and wait for our approval.