AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver
AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver

AtomStack A12 Ultra Optical Power 24W Unibody Frame Laser Engraver

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Contains AtomStack A12 Pro 12W Machine and B3 Protective Box
  • B3 Protective Box: Offering protection against intense light, block out smoke. Comes with LED light strip and built-in camera for precise positioning.
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AtomStack A12 Pro

Unibody Frame DIY Laser Engraver & Cutter


The unrivaled choice trusted by diode laser experts.


Made by creators like you.



Adorning this lantern with exquisite glass engravings brings me joy! The intricate artwork adds a touch of elegance to my space. ✨🕯️



Auch am Wochende passiert hier einiges im Hintergrund 🥰 Hier ein Geburtstagsgeschenk 🤣 sollen solche Rahmen ins Häuschen aufgenommen werden? 😳🤔 Einige Dinge darf ich noch nicht zeigen, da sie zur Hochzeit verschenkt werden 🤫 Aber sobald sie verschenkt sind werde ich es natürlich mit euch teilen 🥰💕



Hey there! Just wanted to share something cool from my day. Got my hands on the AtomStack laser engraver, and man, the color engraving on stainless steel is mind-blowing! It's like bringing art to life. 🚀 What's your latest tech discovery?



Hi 👋 I'm Ben, i am a beginner with laser engraving, but i'm loving it. I love seeing my ideas come to life. I'm obsessed with my 2 dogs 🐶🐶



Finished up this beautiful sign for a Army Buddy who is building his shop! Keeping business local!

Meet all your

unibody frame mobile.jpg__PID:e4868aff-0374-4a79-8bf9-4e58f2ad97a0

Unibody frame Installation-free
Ready to use out of the box, A12 Pro is eager to serve you. Skip the hassle of tightening screws or dealing with confusing setups.

Stable 12W Optical Power

Extremely compressed light spot

A12 PRO激光原理1.jpg__PID:e459272b-f112-4a08-8e8e-d8ca52ad28c2
A12 PRO激光原理2.jpg__PID:c1a6496f-abd3-4f48-ad65-d41698131efc

Harnessing the power of innovative laser technology, the A12 Pro utilizes a 12W high-power laser beam, maximum cutting thickness in one pass is increased by 30%.

Material: Black Acrylic
Thickness: 5mm

Black Acrylic 5mm.jpg__PID:1f88e615-f081-493d-a799-76803de9646a

Material: Balsa
Thickness: 10mm

Balsa 10mm.jpg__PID:1a541f88-e615-4081-a93d-a79976803de9

Material: Paulownia
Thickness: 10mm

Paulownia 10mm.jpg__PID:e615f081-293d-4799-b680-3de9646a8fd0

Material: MDF
Thickness: 3mm

MDF 3mm.jpg__PID:88e615f0-8129-4da7-9976-803de9646a8f

Material: Basswood Plywood
Thickness: 6mm

Basswood plywood 6mm.jpg__PID:541f88e6-15f0-4129-bda7-9976803de964

Material: Pine Wood
Thickness: 6mm

pine wood 6mm.jpg__PID:15f08129-3da7-4976-803d-e9646a8fd0c6

Material: Stainless Steel
Thickness: 0.05mm

Stainless steel sheet 0.05mm.jpg__PID:f081293d-a799-4680-bde9-646a8fd0c61e

Long beam waist laser - ideal for precision deep cutting.

Cross positioning system.jpg__PID:836a1242-3028-492c-8575-5897648266b1

Cross positioning system
precise and horizontal engraving

Dual-axis guideway and reinforced optical axis
Strong, stable and high speed

Dual-axis guideway.jpg__PID:6a124230-2889-4c45-b558-97648266b13d

Boost your productivity.

13-1主板图1464x600_clipdrop-cleanup.jpeg__PID:966cc648-9d45-4657-acde-63222fe7e15113-2主板图 600x450_clipdrop-cleanup (1).jpeg__PID:6cc6489d-45f6-47ec-9e63-222fe7e15137

With the optimized algorithm, AtomStack A12 Pro's working speed can reach as high as 600mm/s, keeping you completely at ease when taking care of orders.

Faster Working Speed 36000mm/min.

Which is 3-6 times that of traditional frame machines

A12 PRO 12w




Less time for higher productivity.


High precision and reliable operation

13-High precision.jpg__PID:baef6666-b433-4c5c-a4b5-2c13ef5c6b18

High precision and reliable operation
benefited from the unibody frame and modular assembly, the mechanical precision can reach 0.02mm.

3-4断电续雕 1464x600.jpg__PID:2100fc3c-85e2-4b04-9def-b3c851466a1b
3-4断电续雕 600x450.jpg__PID:3c2100fc-3c85-42eb-841d-efb3c851466a

100% Reprinting Your Laser Engraving Ideas.

Your safety is our utmost concern.

Comprehensive security protection

Stay safe and secure with the A12 Pro, which comes with move/tip instant stop and detect flames instant stop functions. Requires the L2 automatic Z-axis adjuster.

Detection for extensive protection.

11-1安全使用图 1464x600 1(1).jpg__PID:a6aa0f3a-3547-4be5-9877-acbc70cdcee3

Eye Safety Guaranteed

Included with your purchase are complimentary laser safety goggles, offering dual protection to mitigate the risk of eye injury.

11-1安全使用图 1464x600 2.jpg__PID:aa0f3a35-47bb-4558-b7ac-bc70cdcee3aa

Move / Tip Instant Stop

To ensure safety and prevent laser burns or damage to the tabletop, the engraving machine is programmed to instantly stop working if moved or tilted during operation.

11-1安全使用图 1464x600 3.jpg__PID:0f3a3547-bbe5-4877-acbc-70cdcee3aab3

Detect Flames Instant Stop

The A24 Pro laser engraving machine includes a built-in flame detection system. If a flame is detected, engraving stops immediately, and an alarm alerts for attention. Requires the L2 automatic Z-axis adjuster.

Every detail matters.


Focus adjustment with ease. Adjust focus effortlessly in 3 steps within 5 seconds: Unscrew the focus nut, slide the laser slider, and tighten the focus nut.


Large engraving area. A spacious working area of 365*305mm (14.4*12 inches), larger than A3-sized paper, allows you to engrave more patterns at once. Easy to use and more efficient. Expandable to 800*365mm with R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder


Work on higher objects. Use additional risers (purchased H1 High Pedestal or H2 Fully Enclosed High Pedestal) to increase the height of AtomStack A12 Pro to facilitate the engraving of higher objects (height increase up to 178mm).


Just connect. Transfer data seamlessly using Wi-Fi, USB cable, or a large-capacity TF card (for offline use), allowing you to utilize the A12 Pro anytime, anywhere.

Empowered software for your seamless workflow.



The mature engraving software for common laser cutter.

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AtomStack Studio

Get started quickly with our user-friendly software


A one-stop solution for all your machine upgrades.


AtomStack A12 Pro

For engraving and cutting thicker objects

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AtomStack R1 V2 Roller Laser-1.jpg__PID:b384f573-4086-4489-996f-d64bd94440f701_bc4d3852-19b7-4822-a2bc-933ae65e881f_500X500.jpg__PID:f36ad0e8-8b04-452a-8b6d-08b8655c722dAtomStack AC2 Wireless Camera.jpg__PID:ca5591d2-0551-48d4-b9d7-aa1e21c680d1AtomStack H2 High Pedestal.jpg__PID:eb7048fe-3867-4dae-a9e2-5f5ae845e03d
AtomStack R2 V2 Roller Laser-1.jpg__PID:69fc89c2-2040-4da9-90fb-b53beb2e557201_26773325-8fc3-4adf-a133-eda062353fc3_500X500.png__PID:6ad0e88b-04d5-4a0b-ad08-b8655c722d64AtomStack L2 Smart Z-Axis Module.jpg__PID:377482cf-ca55-41d2-8551-d8d479d7aa1e

Our results speak for themselves.


Product Specifications

Product Information

A12 Pro 12W

Machine Power: 120W
Laser Module Output Power: 12W
Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
Output: 24V 5A
Laser Wavelength: 455 ± 5 nm
Laser Spot: 0.06*0.06mm
Routing Speed: 600 mm/s
Max. Workpiece Height: 55 mm (2.17 inches)
Max. Workpiece Height with H1 High Pedestal: 55 mm + X*60 mm (highest 177 mm)
Max. Workpiece Height with H2 Fully Enclosed High Pedestal: 55 mm + 123 mm (highest 178 mm)

Working Area

365 * 305 mm (14.4*12 inches)
Expandable to 800*365mm with R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder

Connection and Softwares

Operating Systems: Windows / Linux / macOS
Control Software: AtomStack Studio ,LaserGRBL, LightBurn
Supported File Type: JPG, JPEG, SVG, PNG, BMP, PDF, G-Code, DXF.
Connection / Transmission: Wi-Fi, USB, APP
Certification: CE FCC RoHS FDA PSE