Atomstack R30 Laser Module
Atomstack R30 Laser Module
Atomstack R30 Laser Module
Atomstack R30 Laser Module
Atomstack R30 Laser Module
Atomstack R30 Laser Module

AtomStack R30 Infrared Laser Module Laser Replacement Engraving Head for Engraving Metal

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Product material Aluminum product 6061 anodized treatment
Shell size 44*52*50mm
Circuit board 12V/PWM modulation board
Circuit board size 40*40mm
Working temperature 0℃~70℃
Working mode Pulse work
Laser beam mode Fixed focus
Spot size  less than 0.03mm
Optical output power 2W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
Product net weight 419g 


1. Ultra high precision engraving of various metal and plastic products (insufficient ability of blue laser engraving copper, gold, alloy, etc.) 
2. Cold light source, no effect on human skin, no fire hazard;
3. The spot size is better than all fiber industrial lasers and blue light, 0.03mm diameter;
4. The laser pulse frequency is 20000Hz, and the pulse energy is 6 times that of the blue laser;
5. Applicable to all engraving machine models of AtomStack and brand models such as ortur, sculphon and twootree. 

1. Keep the equipment working or storing in a dry environment. To prevent dust inside the lens from affecting the shape of the laser spot.
2. Working at high temperature will increase the threshold current, reduce the conversion efficiency and accelerate the aging of the device.
3. When the output power is higher than its specific operating parameters, it will accelerate the aging of the equipment.
4. When the working temperature of the laser diode exceeds 70 degrees, please do a good job of heat dissipation.